AGAMA – All-purpose galaxy modelling architecture

The main tasks of Agama library include:

The stellar-dynamical Monte Carlo code Raga, the Fokker--Planck code PhaseFlow, and the Schwarzschild modelling code Forstand are included in the Agama distribution.

The core of the library is written in C++, and there are Python and Fortran interfaces; it may be used as a plugin for other stellar-dynamical software packages: amuse, gala, galpy, nemo.


Github page

Direct link to the archive

The recommended way of installation is to download and unpack the library, and then run
python install --user
to create the Makefile, compile the library and executable programs, and place the Python extension module into the standard location for user-installed Python packages.

Alternatively, one may install it via
pip install --user agama
which will download the latest version from Github and then proceed in the above way.

Finally, one may manually create/edit the Makefile and compile the library, as explained in the INSTALL file.


The package contains collection of examples and test programs both in C++ and Python.

Reference documentation includes both the user's guide and a more technical description of implementation details. It is also available on arXiv, although not kept up to date.

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